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Former soldier chief Cockrell has been named Alaska Public Security Officer


Jim Cockrell speaks at the press conference at the Kenai Trade and Visitor Center where he was named commissioner for the Alaska Department of Public Safety on April 6, 2021. (Governor's Office)

Former Alaska State Troopers chief Jim Cockrell has been appointed new commissioner for the Department of Public Security by Governor Mike Dunleavy.

"I look forward to working with you to make Alaska safer," said Cockrell to officials at the Department of Public Safety during the announcement in Kenai.

He added that he would work tirelessly to make sure the department had the resources and tools it needed to do its job.

Cockrell is replacing Amanda Price, who stepped down in February. Price said she was coerced because of a disagreement with Dunleavy over staff and politics.

Cockrell said if he stayed in the position for four to six years he'd like to be able to say he made a difference.

Dunleavy said he doesn't think the verification process with Cockrell will be difficult. His appointment is subject to a vote by the entire legislature in a joint session.



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