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CALGARY – An inconsistent performance from the Canadian backend proved costly in a 7-8 loss to Russia on Wednesday in the men's BKT Tires & OK Tire World World Curling Championship.

CALGARY – An inconsistent performance from the Canadian backend proved costly in a 7-8 loss to Russia on Wednesday in the men's BKT Tires & OK Tire World World Curling Championship.

The third Darren Molding and Brendan Bottcher both had some late mistakes when Canada fell in the round robin game at the Markin MacPhail Center.

"I would say it was actually a pretty good effort," said Bottcher. "We took a lot of shots out there. There were some that didn't land in the right place, but sometimes it just happens. That's the game."

A couple of molding mistakes on the seventh end forced Bottcher to pull the button against three for a single and 4-3 lead. Bottcher's last stone in the eighth rolled over and set up a Sergey Glukhov tap for two.

Molding and Bottcher were both easy on their final throws in ninth when Russia stole a pair. Bottcher scored a brilliant runback double and scored three points at the end of the 10th.

Canada prepared the extra ending so Glukhov could throw an inturn draw with his last stone. A heavy blow from all three of his teammates did the trick as the Russian stone stopped a whisker closer than the Canadian stone on the 12-foot ring.

"It's amazing," said Russian leader Anton Kalalb. "My legs are shaking right now. It's a great feeling."

It was Russia's first win over Canada in eight attempts at the competition.

Molding only shot 67 percent in the game while Bottcher struggled 71 percent.

Things didn't get any better for the Canadians at the draw in the evening either.

Canada led 7: 5 against Niklas Edin, the defending champion from Sweden. Four gave up on the 10th and dropped a 9-5 decision for one day with two losses.

After 18 draws, Sweden is in first place with 9-2, followed by Russia with 8-2. Scotland is in third with 8-3 and the USA and Norway with 7-3. Canada is sixth with 7-4.

The six best teams in the field of 14 teams will advance to the playoffs. The Swiss Peter de Cruz was with 5: 5 alone in seventh place and Italy with 5: 6 in the next place.

Canada will play against Norway on Thursday evening and finish the round robin game against the German Sixten Totzek on Friday morning.

The Canadian front end of Brad Thiessen (85 percent) and Karrick Martin (90 percent) had strong percentages, but the Russians were stable and delivered when needed.

"They put some pressure on, we gave them a couple of half-shots and they were able to capitalize," said Bottcher. "Ultimately we took one good shot in 10 and got them to throw another for victory and it came up right there. It was an incredible win for them."

The two top finishers of the round robin bid farewell to the semi-finals on Saturday.

Teams that are ranked third to sixth in the overall standings compete against the winners in qualifying matches to reach the final four. Medal games are scheduled for Sunday.

Edin defeated Canadian Kevin Koe in the 2019 World Cup final in Lethbridge, Alta. The 2020 event was canceled due to the pandemic.

The six best teams will also get places for their respective countries at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing in 2022.

No spectators are allowed in the WinSport Arena, as was the case at the recent Canadian Championships for men, women and mixed doubles.

There are two grand slams on the bubble calendar ahead of the women's playdowns at the end of April.

This Canadian press report was first published on April 7, 2021.

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